Who We Are


Sammie Ablaza Wills, Director


Sammie is an enthusiastic queer, non-binary Pilipinx person with a vivid love for their chosen family, social justice, and grassroots organizing. In the past few years, they have spent their time in movements for workers rights, ethnic studies, and racial justice. In all arenas, they strive to share ways for people to reflect on their identities, be vulnerable, and tell their stories. When they’re not planning events or making spreadsheets, Sammie enjoys crafting coffee, playing the guitar, spending quality time with pals, and envisioning a new, liberated world.

M Lin, Community Organizer

mlinhsM Lin is originally from San Jose, CA. They identify as a queer gender non-conforming Chinese American. As a student, they were actively involved in student organizing and archival research relating to the history of minority groups on campus. They graduated from Chapman University with a B.F.A. in film production, with an emphasis in sound design. Since moving back to the Bay Area, MLin has been strongly drawn to living out their identity politics through both their community-based work and personal relationships. In their free time, they enjoy behind-the-scenes videography, listening to international pop/alternative rock music, and spending time with loved ones.

Summer Interns


ralph Hi! My name is Ralph, and I am a freshman currently exploring the plethora of social science and humanities majors offered at UC Berkeley. I am a fan of the arts and I like to explore different ways of materializing the unbounded possibilities of my imagination. I love meeting new people and learning about their stories. I’m really interested in getting different insights about people who are shaped by their identity, environment, and experiences and one of the best ways I love learning about people is through how their culture is expressed through food.


justine Lina (she/her/they/them) is student at Stanford pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and a master’s degree in Community Health and Prevention Research. As a 1st-generation Cambodian-American, Lina is deeply committed to understanding the role of intergenerational trauma and emotional health as it is linked to issues of racial justice, identity, and the ability to live fully. Lina currently works with APSC, and in her free time, enjoys rock climbing, typography, and organizing brunch!


isabella Isabella identifies as a queer, multiracial Asian American from San Francisco. She is passionate about building a foundation of anti-oppression work and resources specific to LGBTQ+ API folks. She is currently studying Psychology and designing an Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies major at Oberlin College. In her free time, Isabella loves to play pick-up sports, dance her heart out, and read works by LGBTQ POC authors.


justine Justine is a Chinese American from Southern California who embraces grassroots organizing, coalition building, and community healing. She is a Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major at Yale University concentrating on the rich intersections of queerness and Asian diasporic experiences. At school, Justine centers her work at the Asian American Cultural Center around issues of mental health and wellness, and leads the community building and political engagement efforts of the Queer + Asian student organization. In the Bay Area LGBTQ API community, Justine values intergenerational power and philanthropy as a voting member of the Red Envelope Giving Circle. Aside from building relationships and tenderness across communities, Justine’s other loves include clear blue skies, cute animals, boba, Disney, and eating her heart out.


kristin Kristin Chang is from the South Bay. She attends school in New York, where she is concentrating in Liberal Arts and Ethnic Studies. Her interests include poetry and spoken word, racial and immigrant justice/immigration law, queer API art/literature, Asian American mental health, and cheesy martial arts films.


connie Connie Liu identifies as a queer, Chinese American, womxn of color, studying at UC Merced. She was involved with Chinese Progressive Association and Community Youth Center to focus on youth empowerment. As an APIENC summer intern, Connie intends to build community that is filled with love and inclusion.


At API Equality – Northern California, our volunteer committees (Team APIENC) power our work. Our committees include: Fundraising, Dragon Fruit, Leadership Development, and Communications. Volunteers share their time, skills, and resources by attending monthly meetings, supporting projects and events, and being ambassadors for the organization. Read more about Team APIENC here!

Linda Nguyen Yifan Mai Avery Nguyen
Allison Tse Fei Mok Mioi Hanaoka
Tracy Nguyen Mary Luong Cynthia Fong
Shilpa Rao Alison Lin Cam Bui
Esther Kang Sal Tran Monna Wong


Advisory Board

The Advisory Council is comprised of individuals with a diverse array of expertise, experiences, and backgrounds which include intern alumni, former staff, educators, community leaders, historians, parents, healers, organizers, and fundraisers. They support our work and leadership through their advice, knowledge, and expertise.

Anirvan Chatterjee Danny Pham Lotus Dao
Monica Davis Dipti Gosh Alice Y. Hom
Steve Lew Amos Lim Alison Lin
Koko Lin Tôtal Nguyen Tracy Nguyen
Trinity Ordona Andy Wong Monna Wong
Lily Pham