Who We Are


Sammie Ablaza Wills, Director


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Sammie is an enthusiastic queer, non-binary Pilipinx person with a vivid love for their chosen family, social justice, and grassroots organizing. In the past few years, they have spent their time in movements for workers rights, ethnic studies, and racial justice. In all arenas, they strive to share ways for people to reflect on their identities, be vulnerable, and tell their stories. When they’re not planning events or making spreadsheets, Sammie enjoys crafting coffee, playing the guitar, spending quality time with pals, and envisioning a new, liberated world.

M Lin, Community Organizer


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M Lin is originally from San Jose, CA. They identify as a queer gender non-conforming Chinese American. As a student, they were actively involved in student organizing and archival research relating to the history of minority groups on campus. They graduated from Chapman University with a B.F.A. in film production, with an emphasis in sound design. Since moving back to the Bay Area, MLin has been strongly drawn to living out their identity politics through both their community-based work and personal relationships. In their free time, they enjoy behind-the-scenes videography, listening to international pop/alternative rock music, and spending time with loved ones.

2017 Chan Fellow


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Panpan Tang is APIENC’s 2017 Chan Fellow from Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China. Panpan is majoring in medicine, with the goal of becoming a gynecologist in the future. She grew up in a rural town in the Guizhou Province. This gave her first hand exposure to gender inequality surrounding education, domestic life, economic opportunity, and violence. Panpan’s life experiences have cultivated her passion to become a doctor and advocate for gender equality. When she came into campus, she attended gender study classes and also started volunteering for Feminist Spring Society (a NGO in Guangzhou which promotes gender equality through theater). When Panpan was in high school, she met a lot of friends in the LGBTQ community, and she joined the LGBTQ group oncampus to get involved in the movement. In order to explore more about herself and learn more intersectional knowledge about gender, sexuallity, race, and nation, she applied to the Chan Fellowship Program (a social service education program on her campus in Guangzhou), and now she is here at APIENC!

2017-18 Wintern

Paige Chung

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Paige Chung (she/they) is a sassy sophomore majoring in Critical Ethnic Studies with a minor in German at Kalamazoo College. From the best coast (WEST COAST), Paige identifies as a Vietnamese-American, Queer, Womxn of Color and first generation scholar. Her parents are Vietnamese political refugees and she grew up moving around the States and lived in many places (Arizona, Florida, Michigan, California, Puerto Rico). Paige attended APIENC’s first POP camp ever where they learned about QT/API hxtories, protesting, intergenerational community, and self-care. Their focus will be on the Dragon Fruit Project bringing out their love for language, narrative, and intergenerational hxtory; as well as gaining exposure to qt/api grass roots organizing. They hope to humanize humanitarian work by focusing on relationship building – learning about one another outside of our politics. In her free time, you can find her taking long walks on the beach, playing basketball or trying a new taco truck!​


At API Equality – Northern California, our volunteer committees (Team APIENC) power our work. Our committees include: Fundraising, Dragon Fruit, Leadership Development, and Communications. Volunteers share their time, skills, and resources by attending monthly meetings, supporting projects and events, and being ambassadors for the organization. Read more about Team APIENC here!

Linda Nguyen Yifan Mai Avery Nguyen
Allison Tse Fei Mok Mioi Hanaoka
Tracy Nguyen Mary Luong Cynthia Fong
Shilpa Rao Alison Lin Cam Bui
Esther Kang Sal Tran Monna Wong

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Image description: Members of Team APIENC pose for the camera while smiling and making silly faces.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Council is comprised of individuals with a diverse array of expertise, experiences, and backgrounds which include intern alumni, former staff, educators, community leaders, historians, parents, healers, organizers, and fundraisers. They support our work and leadership through their advice, knowledge, and expertise.

Anirvan Chatterjee Danny Pham Lotus Dao
Monica Davis Dipti Gosh Alice Y. Hom
Steve Lew Amos Lim Alison Lin
Koko Lin Tôtal Nguyen Tracy Nguyen
Trinity Ordona Andy Wong Monna Wong
Lily Pham